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The World We Want

Future Forum, with support from the United Nations in Cambodia and The SecDev Foundation, has produced an edited volume examining 19 different topics exploring Cambodia's opportunity in the developmental context of the global order. 

About The World We Want

THE WORLD WE WANT is considered as the first book that brings together a collection of local experts to identify such features with view of examining their potential  for defining ''The World We Want."

Authors have examined these topic with a view towards prescribing tangible policy recommendations for the purpose of promoting pride, progress, and development.

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Table of Content

Digital Rights and Its Importance to Cambodia Future​

By Virak Ou


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Blockchain and the Future of Inclusive Digital Payment In Cambodia

By Kosal HEANG

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Bridging Gender Digital Divide: A Path to an Inclusive Digital Economy in Cambodia

By Keomuda VANLY

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Online Gender-based Violence on Young Women and Girls in Cambodia

By Soriya THEANG

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Digital Citizenship and Education

By Sokunthea HANG and Pagna UKTHUAN

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To a Cyberbullying Free Future

By Socheata VINH

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The Role of the Government in Promoting the Cyber Security Infrastructure


By Dechkunn CHHAY

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Fostering Innovation in Cambodian (TVET)


By Proloeng TOP

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Promoting Global Education Equity: Bottlenecks and Policy Options


By Theara KHOUN


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Technology in Cambodia Education’s Advancement and Inclusion


By Ratana SRENG

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The Future of GCED in Cambodia



By Rath Daravuth SITHY

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Telehealth in Cambodia: Addressing Challenges of the Healthcare System During COVID-19


By Vouchnea TANG

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A Feasible Action Plan for Phnom Penh’s Food Waste

By Ty Keithya OUNG

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Natural Resource Management: Improving Effective Law and Policy Implementation


By Phidor KONG

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Sustainable Electricity in Cambodia in 2050: A Study on Innovation Micro-Grid System



By Vichet PRUM

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If Youth Become the Engine of International Development



By Sethikun SUN

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Cambodia’s Race to Marriage Equality and Inclusiveness for LGBTIQ Community



By Soriya THEANG

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A Female Leader and Gender Equality in Cambodia



By Saren KEANG

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Adoption of MOOC in Cambodia for Workforce Development



By Dara DAN

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