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Big Book of Small Ideas

Contained in this book are pieces by seven young people that paint a picture of a quickly-changing and dynamic Cambodia. The book showcases a curated collection of analytical commentaries, illustrations, and photography produced by young researchers, exploring the theme of building a more livable Cambodia.

Big Book of Small Ideas

Small Ideas Big Impacts

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Big Book of Small Ideas


This is a book that looks to the future and how Cambodia can stay the same: 

  • What if Phnom Penh were a city built for people, and not cars?

  • What if property and real estate developers saw green, public space as a priority worthy of their investment?

  • What would Cambodian streets and buildings look like if they were constructed with inclusivity in mind?

  • How we can move into the future without losing or diluting what makes the Kingdom unique?

Big Book of Small Ideas serves as a celebration of Cambodian youth. These are young people’s perspectives on sustainability, on Cambodia’s built environment, on safety, on community, on inclusion, on infrastructure, and on so much more.

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