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Covid-19 Economic Impact Study

This project, and the series of papers released under it, is studying the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Cambodian citizens occupying activities that are expected to be hit the hardest by the pandemic (farmers, wage workers and families with micro enterprises). Recognising a critical gap in ground-level data, we see this study as a crucial exercise in providing policy-makers with the necessary information to make informed decisions within this difficult period. 


First round data was collected in May, and several follow-up rounds have been planned across 2020 to ensure continuous monitoring of the situation.

Future Forum has been supported by The Asia Foundation and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for this study.


Future Forum, Angkor Research and Consulting

HEADLINE RESULTS: Covid-19 Economic Impact Study

Effects of Covid-19 on Wage Workers

Effects of Covid-19 on Farming

Effects of Covid-19 on Household Enterprises

Effects of Covid-19 on Savings and Debt

Gender Analysis at the Household and Wage Worker Level

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