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OU Virak

THIM Rachna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Management from Royal University of Phnom Penh. She is currently joining Future Forum as a young research fellow of the 2022 Young Researchers Program July to December Cohort. With a background in Communication and Journalism, she has developed a fierce love for the art of storytelling, and the written words. Rachna enjoys being curious and learning about diverse cultures, language, meeting and listening to different people’s stories. As an aspiring journalist, her reporting ranges from culture to education to social issues with a special focus on the underrepresented communities, such as the slump area, sex workers, and marginalised communities riddled by poverty and substance abuse. As a communication practitioner, her past experiences also involve inclusive education with accessibility for marginalized children, STEAM and STEM education, and sustainability. Rachna has always had a soft spot for works toward social development, and youth-focused issues. She believes that it is important for young people to have a decent knowledge on relevant issues so that they could develop visions critically and be able to offer insightful input when it matters.

Rachna THIM

Young Research Fellow (2022 Batch 2)


Bachelor of Arts in Media Management, RUPP


Feminism, Social Incusion, Sustainability, and Inclusive Education

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