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OU Virak

Naren Chhoum is an outreach nurse working for Safe Haven from March 2021. This NGO helps children with disabilities through a multidisciplinary team. It provides four services: nursing, physiotherapy therapy, social work, and intervention. It is her first official job since she graduated from the University of Health Sciences in late 2020. While completing her nursing degree, she won a scholarship to stay at Harpswell Foundation–a dormitory and leadership center–for four years. She is grateful to be part of a special community that helps underprivileged children. After her high school graduation, Jay Pritzker Academy, she decided to study nursing because it is a rewarding career. Although some people don't recognize the important roles that nurses play in the hospital, she didn't let this negativity prevent her from doing what she loves, which is providing the best quality care to her patients. Currently, through her work she is able to provide care to one child with disability at a time. Thus, upon completing the Future Forum young researcher program, she is hoping to develop policies that can help children with disability at a larger scale.


Young Research Fellow 2023 (Batch 1)


University of Health Sciences


Public Health , Inclusive Healthcare for People with Disability

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