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OU Virak

Nita is working as a lecturer at her ala mater, IISPP. She is a graduate from the Department of International Studies, with the concentration in International Relations with a Certificate in International Economics. She is also a junior researcher at the Center of Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS). As a full-time young professional and lifelong learner, she has been involved in various academic activities, including exchange programs, regional affairs dialogue, and youth summits. Nita also has experience working with Oxfam in Cambodia and a few youth-led organizations such as the Ambassador’s Youth Council (AYC), and The Young SEAkers. 

Chansomanita MEUNG

Young Research Fellow 2023 (Batch 2)


BA in International Relations, and in International Economics (certificate program), IISPP, RUPP


Poverty, Inequality, Women Economic Empowerment, Digitalization, & Youth Empowerment

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