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Volume 2



Education: Pedagogy and Infrastructure

The second volume in this series then moves into an exploration of developments in the education sector. Given the importance and the breadth of this topic this volume contains two chapters; with two authors providing parallel visions for the future of Education. Firstly, KHOUN Theara explores pedagogy and the changing role of educators over the next twenty years. As the structure of the economy changes so too will the skills demanded. Theara envisions that these demand side forces will bring about a necessary change in the educational infrastructure; in particular highlighting the increasing role of digital technologies and the transition of educators towards a facilitation role.

About the Author

KHOUN Theara

KHOUN Theara is a program manger at Future Forum. He has a Master of Public Policy in Economic Policy from the Australian National University (2017), BA in International Studies from RUPP (2012), and BA in Law (2012) from University of Cambodia. His research interests include the future of learning, system thinking, and mega trend analyses.

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