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Volume 2



Gender Equality and Sexual Reproductive Health

As Cambodian society develops, so too will its attitudes around a number of key culture and identity topics. In particular, attitudes around Cambodian Gender, Equality, and Sexual Reproductive Health will evolve. In chapter 3, authors HARRY Catherine and NHEK Pichponreingsey explore this topic through the examination of the kingdom’s evolving attitude towards, and education around, contraceptive methods and responsibilities. They explore important questions around the viability of a universal healthcare plan, the shared responsibility of men around contraception, and the role of sustainability in future decision making around the topic.

About the Author

HARRY Catherine and NHEK Pichponreingsey

HARRY Catherine is a Vlogger at A Dose of Cath and a writer. She holds a BA in Mass Media from Pannasastra University of Cambodia and spent one semester of exchange program at the University of Arkansas. Her research interests include gender, feminism, sexual reproductive rights.

NHEK Pichponreingsey is a student currently pursuing general medicine at the University of Puthisastra. Her research interests include sexual reproductive health and rights, healthcare related issues, the Cambodian education system, and women's rights.

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