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Industrialization and climate change are two decidedly crucial factors determining Cambodia’s potential economic growth and development. Emerging at the intersection of the two, and of crucial importance, is energy. In chapter seven, HENG Pheakdey and Maureen Boyle explore the required changes to the Cambodian energy space in pursuit of equitable and sustainable coverage. Of primary interest within the chapter is the need to ensure an affordable, efficient, and accessible electricity supply within the kingdom, underpinned by a complimentary mixture of renewable and traditional sources. Beyond coverage, a comparative reduction in energy demand is considered in line with developing and governing for energy efficient practices within energy intensive sectors.

About the Author

HENG Pheakdey and Maureen Boyle

Dr. HENG Pheakdey is the founding chairman of the Enrich Institute. He has a Ph.D from VU University (Amsterdam) and a master’s degree from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (Singapore). His research interests include private sector engagement, public sector governance, digital economy, and green growth.

Maureen Boyle is a Senior Policy Officer at South Australian Council of Social Services in Adelaide. She is a doctoral candidate at Curtin University; and holds a BA in Sustainable Development (energy studies) from Murdoch University and MA in International Relations from Flinders University. Her research interests include energy transitions and the influence of industrialization on development pathways.

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