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Working Paper

The Human Security Implications of Chinese Foreign Investment in Cambodian Special Economic Zones

The unprecedented inflow of Chinese FDI to Cambodia has prompted a huge influx of Chinese nationals into the country, many of whom are businesspeople, tourists, and migrant workers. Despite having positive impacts on the country’s infrastructure development and job opportunities, some Chinese investments and Chinese nationals have created some concerns for Cambodian residents. Beside Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, Chinese investment projects have been concentrated in Bavet, a Cambodian border city to Vietnam. This paper investigates the overall impact of the presence of Chinese Investment and Chinese nationals in Cambodia, particularly towards Cambodian nationals, by launching a survey to gauge Cambodians’ perceptions of the opportunities and challenges associated with the increased presence of Chinese investment and nationals in their community. Taking Bavet as a survey location, four aspects – (1) Cambodian nationals’ general perception towards Chinese investment, (2) the impact of Chinese investment and Chinese nationals on Cambodian nationals’ economic security, (3) personal security, and (4) community security – have been asked.

About the Author

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IEM Bunhy

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