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Working Paper

Improving the Economic Well-being of Aged Citizens in Cambodia: The Roadmap Toward Universal Old Age Pensions

By examining the current status of the elderly in Cambodia, the implications of socio-economic change, and relevant policies, this research aims to explore the development of an ideal path leading to the improvement of the economic wellbeing of these citizens. Employing qualitative research methodology, in which key informants from governmental organizations, academia, and civil society, as well as the elderly and youths from rural and urban areas were selected for semistructured in-depth interviews, the research found that the economic well-being of the aged citizens has been impacted by the repercussions of war, deteriorating health condition, their poor education, and altered socioeconomic factors including migration and lifestyle changes. Grounded in these issues, this study then examines the feasibility of introducing a Universal Old Aged Pension (UAP) for the elderly aged 70 and above, with a monthly stipend of USD 29 based on the poverty line threshold. The findings largely confirm that the policy is feasible within the current economic and fiscal space weighted against its associated benefits

About the Author

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VORN Searivoth

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