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Policy Briefs

Cost Effective Homes & Neighborhoods

Phnom Penh is rapidly expanding outward. New residential neighborhoods are of low density, car-dependent construction, which imposes additional living expenses on to its residents. A cost-effective home is not only economical to acquire but also has affordable expenses. Cost-effective homes and neighborhoods require consideration in four areas, neighborhood planning, mobility planning, housing design, and infrastructure.

About the Author

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Aronsakda SES

Ses Aronsakda is an architect by training with a strong inclination towards research. He pursued his passion for research and completed Future Forum’s 2021 Young Researcher Program. He is a Research Fellow at Future Forum working to advance urban policy, planning, and design to enable livable urban spaces. He hopes that his experience in the design field, combined with his emerging skills in research and writing will add to the discussion for building a better Cambodia.

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