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OU Virak

A Bunong indigenous person, Sochea PHEAP earned a Bachelor's degree in agricultural economics and rural development in 2009. Since then he has worked with a number of civil society organisations at national and international level with various positions. Since 2005, he has been a co-player in the establishment of a few indigenous organisations/associations in Cambodia. He has dedicated himself to the issues of indigenous peoples ranging from youth, natural resources management and land, and ethnicity. Sochea is currently a young research fellow at Future Forum. His interests are linked to the indigenous peoples’ issues including youth, ethnicity and socio-politics that prevent the voiceless peoples from access to justice and remedy. He is also following up closely with the national and international geopolitics studies and international fora for international politics such as climate change, peacebuilding and conflicts resolution, and grassroots movement.

Sochea PHEAP

Young Research Fellow (2022)


Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Economic and Rural Development from Royal University of Agriculture


Indigenous peoples, land and natural resource management, geopolitics, governance _ subnational structure and system

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