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OU Virak

Lyheang held Bachelor degree in Public Health from Mahasarakham University, Thailand.  She is a non-clinical healthcare professional who had practical work experience with several different organizations like GIZ, Population International Services (PSI) in project implementation related to the Healthcare Quality Improvement at all levels of health facilities, and Maternal and Child Health which involved both the Public and Private Health Sectors. She also involved in volunteering projects such youth and women empowerment such as YSEALI Women’s Leadership Academy, Wedu and Finn Church Aids (FCA) by advocacy and project development aiming for young people especially women in Cambodia. Lyheang has a passion for Social Protection, Gender Inequality and Inclusivity, Youth's civic engagement, and Health. 

Lyheang NAO

Young Research Fellow 2023 (Batch 2)


Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, Mahasarakham University, Thailand


Social Protection, Gender Inequality and Inclusivity, Youth's Civic Engagement and Health

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