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Volume 1



Fiscal Policy

In its development towards upper-middle-income status, Cambodia will necessarily reduce its foreign aid dependence and seek to enhance its sovereign fiscal system. In chapter three, CHEAN Sithykun provides an across-the-board overview of the fiscal policy priorities that will support the development of this system. Acknowledging the opportunities presented by new technology, this chapter champions the implementation of a SMART taxation system that will manage efficient revenue capture and encourage a flourishing business and investment environment. With an eye firmly on resilience to economic shocks and the changing Cambodian employment landscape, fiscal policy recommendations are considered through a decidedly Cambodian lens.

About the Author

CHEAN Sithykun

CHEAN Sithykun is former senior economist, macroeconomic and fiscal policy department, at Ministry of Economy and Finance. He has a Master of Public Policy in Economic Policy, The Australian National University, 2017; Master of Business Administration, the Royal University of Law and Economics, 2013; bachelor’s degree in economic sciences, the Royal University of Law and Economic, 2005. His research interests include energy economics and tax policy.

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