Cambodia 2040

3 volumes

The question that Cambodia confronts today is a seemingly simple but in fact a remarkably complex one: Whither Cambodia? From housing to industrialization to agriculture, how are the diverse sectors of Cambodian society and the Cambodian economy likely to develop over the next two decades? 

In partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Future Forum has worked with Cambodian authors to address these important questions 

Covid-19 Economic Impact Study

A Series - new papers each week

Recognising a critical gap in ground-level data, Future Forum and Angkor Research and Consulting are jointly undertaking an economic impact study on Covid-19. Specifically, the project is studying the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Cambodian citizens occupying activities that are expected to be hit the hardest by the pandemic.

YRP Working Papers

Research projects from our Young Researcher Fellows

These papers have been produced by our Young Research Fellows during their one-year training under the YRP. These papers are published as Working Papers (i.e. they are preliminary works released to share ideas and elicit feedback) in the year following their training. 


YRP2018 (2019 paper) and YRP2019 (2020 paper) available.

Policy Briefs

List of our papers:

In-depth analyses, factsheets and other documents related to public policy, politics, human rights and other related issues in Cambodia.




1. The Relationship Between Agriculture and Forestry

2. The Elderly and Ageing Issues in Cambodia

3. Housing Adequacy and Affordability in Phnom Penh


List of our papers:

1. Cambodia ́s Modern Patronage System

2. Why is it so hard for small political parties to win seats in the National Assembly?

3. Changes in Voters’ Socio-Economic Status

4. 2016 Political Analysis - Summary Version

5. National Assembly Seat Allocations

6. Moving Beyond the January 7 Narrative

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