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Micro-Policy Intervention

Food Science in Cambodia

The agricultural sector continues to contribute to Cambodia’s economic development and the products of this sector are increasing year after year. However, some farmers experience a lack of demand for their product, leading to products either rotting away after not being bought or being purchased at low prices that make profit nearly impossible. Development of the food industry is essential. This paper examines how the development of food science and the role of R&D in the food industry could positively impact the agriculture sector.

About the Author

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NITH Kosal

Nith Kosal is a Data Hub Coordinator at Future Forum. Kosal is a former young research fellow at Future Forum in 2020 working under a research grant on government ownership of banks. He has produced several numbers of op-ed in different media outlets such as The Diplomat, The Phnom Penh Post, East Asia Forum, Southeast Asia Globe, and VOD.

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