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OU Virak

Driven by curiosity and fueled by compassion, Vireakboth Im is a passionate graduate law student with a strong foundation in an English Language Based Language Based Bachelor of Law at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE). As a paralegal at a renowned law firm in Phnom Penh, he thrives on challenges and continuously seeks to expand his legal expertise. He has honed his skills over two years of valuable experience. Known for his optimism, resilience, and attention to detail, Vireakboth is dedicated to achieving excellence in the legal field. His research interests involve public international law, specifically international humanitarian law, and human rights. Since 2020, he has participated in various moot court competitions relating to international human rights law and has been working with many experts and stakeholders in this field. As a young research fellow in Future Forum’s 2023 Young Research Program Cohort 2, he is undertaking research on the issue of cybersecurity, especially on how cybercrime infringes human rights.

Vireakboth IM

Young Research Fellow 2023 (Batch 2)


BA in English Language Based Bachelor of Law, Royal University of Law and Economic


Impact of Cybersecurity on Human Rights

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