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Volume 2




In considering the role of agriculture in the kingdom, author HOY Sokkea explores the concept of Food in Cambodia through the consumer and producer lenses. On the consumer side Sokkea explores a generational shift in food preferences and delivery, considering the dominating role that technology is envisioned to play. From the producer side she then considers how this consumer demand can be met in the Cambodian context. From this vantage Sokkea seeks to explore the growing cultural relevance of food in the kingdom; away from the standard discussion on agricultural process and logistics, and instead towards the Khmer heart of the matter.

About the Author

HOY Sokkea

Hoy Sokkea is a Commercial Specialist covering agriculture, education, and energy. She has a Master's degree in Policy Economics from Williams College, United States. Her research interests include agribusiness, poverty and economic development.

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