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Volume 2




As the nation’s economy grows, it is inevitable that the question of holiday destinations will come to the dinner table. It is the view of author CHHORN Theara’s that many of these questions can be answered within the kingdom. With domestic travel already a prominent feature of Cambodian cultural holidays, Theara outlines how domestic Tourism will continue to grow with incomes to compliment international arrivals and support additional development in the country.

About the Author


CHHORN Theara is an Actuary at Sovannaphum Life Assurance Plc.; Project Consultant/Researcher at Ministry of Tourism; Lecturer (Part-time) at ACLEDA Institute of Business (AiB). He received a Master’s degree in economics at Chiang Mai University, Thailand and Dual-bachelor’s degree in science economics and Management at Université Lumière Lyon 2 and Royal University of Laws and Economics (RULE), Cambodia. His research interests include Fintech and Financial Inclusion, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Insurance Industry, Modelling and Forecasting Macroeconomic Variables, and Tourism Economics.

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