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Volume 1



Economic Development Outlook

In chapter two, author KRUY Narin provides a comprehensive review of the kingdom’s economic development in line with the strategic plans in place to support its continued proliferation. Leaning into the established ‘Rectangular Strategy’ frameworks, the chapter explores the roles of small and medium enterprises, foreign investment, and trade-related governance, in delivering Cambodia into the upper-middle-income bracket. The chapter well depicts the enormous challenges that confront the kingdom across myriad sectors if upper middle-income status and eventually high income status are to be attained while also providing a comprehensive perspective highlighting various key factors that are subsequently developed in the following chapters.

About the Author

KRUY Narin

KRUY Narin is a Special Appointee at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Deputy Director of General Department of Policy at Cambodia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance. She has a Master’s degree in International Development Program from International University of Japan, and pursued graduate study at Michigan State University. Her research interests include economic analysis and forecasting, economic monitoring, policy dialogues with key domestic and international partners and economic policy and strategy formulation such as Revenue Mobilization Strategy, Macroeconomic Framework, Medium-Term Fiscal Framework.

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