The Policy Forum

Future Forum’s core staff, as well as external researchers and fellows, conduct in-depth research, carrying out evidence-based analysis and research, to generate public policy recommendations, briefing papers and other publications for a wide range of key decision-makers. In the future, these outputs will also be developed into short videos and other multi-media projects. This work is closely linked to Future Forum’s other programmatic areas – namely, the Research Hub, the Advisory Services, and the Civic Education component – and provides substantive policy analysis to support those programs and activities.


All of Future Forum’s outputs are grounded in the idea of the “Cambodia We Want,” i.e. on focusing on the longer-term ways forward for Cambodia and in establishing a positive vision for Cambodia, rather than on reiterating the problems. Furthermore, Future Forum engages with a wide variety of stakeholders – from grassroots organizations to policy-makers – to develop and refine its analysis and recommendations.


All of our publications and outputs are available for download on our Publications page

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