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OU Virak

LOR Samnang graduated with a dual bachelor's degree of Science in Economics and Management from Lumière University Lyon 2. He was a young and then junior research fellow at Future Forum in 2018 and 2019. He wrote an article on remittance and household debt; and was also the co-author of the Cambodia 2040 book chapter on Monetary Policy and Rielization. In 2020, he worked for the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the General Department of Policy before rejoining Future Forum as a coordinator of the project on microfinance. His research interests are broader macroeconomics, social issues, microfinance, and wellbeing.

LOR Samnang

Program Coordinator


Dual Bachelor's Degree of Economics and Management at University Lumiere Lyon 2 and Royal University of Law and Economics


Macroeconomics, Migration, Microfinance, and Economic Development

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