Program overview/Purpose

Future Forum’s flagship training program is the Young Researchers Program (YRP). 

Beginning operation in 2018, the YRP is an intensive, one-year policy training and coaching program designed for recent Cambodian graduates and young professionals. Through individualized training and mentoring, the YRP aims to empower Cambodian youth to become competent in policy research and analysis such that that they can influence and contribute to shaping public policy discourse by serving in government, civil society, tertiary education, or research institutions. 

The program equips each young research fellow (YRF) with the ability to: undertake in-depth research, think critically, and provide sound analysis in a variety of different topic areas. YRFs receive training in research methods, including both qualitative and quantitative methods, and publish their work throughout the program. The program provides YRFs with a skillset that will equip them for a fruitful career in research and policy, strengthening capacity with Cambodian civil society in both the short and long terms.


Curriculum overview and key output

This program is designed around mandatory lectures, seminars and the writing of policy papers, snapshots, and op-eds (with intentions to publish). It is  organized along six thematic lines: (1) the core of science and policy research, (2) public policy analysis, (3) academic and policy writing, (4) insights into contemporary Cambodia, (5) reflective and critical thinking skills, and (6) writing analytical papers.

On satisfying the requirements of this program, students will have the knowledge and skills to:


  1. demonstrate solid knowledge and skills of commonly used methodological tools in empirical research particularly in public policy arena;

  2. appraise strengths and weaknesses of existing methodological approaches and policy research papers including tools of measurement, empirics, and conditions under which causal inference can be drawn; 

  3. gain a mastery of the literature surrounding their topic of interest and how that issue is currently being addressed in contemporary Cambodia; and

  4. formulate appropriate research design, develop arguments, undertake data collection, and thus be able to conduct a publishable research project.



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