Policy Lab

Policy Lab is Future Forum’s civic education and training platform, designed to motivate, train, mentor, and promote Cambodian researchers, students, and professionals in critical, systematic, creative, and equity-oriented policy making. 

The project supports actions that promote participation in social and economic policy dialogue, decision making, and policy implementation at national and local levels, with a specific focus on groups, civil society organizations, and communities that are under-represented in contemporary policy discussion in Cambodian civil society and the policy making arena. 

The baseline design of the project will see a cohort of Cambodians undertake training to develop micro-policy interventions that will be published under “The Big Book of Small Ideas” (BBSI) series. The BBSI will become a main tool for dissemination while also serving as a means for engagement with policy makers, ultimately creating new focal points for dialogue.

Training will be provided in three core segments:

  1. An intensive 5-day Policy Bootcamp that equips Future Analysts with the research and policy methods required for problem-framing and the conceptualisation of effective policy solutions.

  2. A 2-day follow-up workshop to provide supplementary training on policy paper writing.

  3. Ongoing in-house support (from conception to publication) provided by the Future Forum management staff. 


Fore more information, please contact policylab@futureforum.asia




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