The Community of Researchers

Future Forum is creating a community of researchers focused on public policy issues – a network through which researchers and analysts will not only conduct their own research and analysis but also engage in opportunities to network with other members, work in collaboration with other members and, when requested, engage in peer review and mentoring. The Community of Researchers consists of the following components:


Policy Analysts


Future Forum’s policy analysts provide on-demand advisory policy recommendations to public and private stakeholders and decision-makers across the range of fields set out above. This group of analysts are experts in their respective fields and work to mentor research fellows and young fellows and to produce policy analyses and briefs and on-demand policy analyses.


Research Fellows 


Future Forum selects experienced mid-career and young professionals to engage in a three-year research scholarship program . Fellowship recipients will conduct independent research around areas of interest while engaging in peer-to-peer mentoring and collaboration. The aim of the program is to build the fellows’ respective expertise in a particular policy area through independent analytical projects. Following successful completion of the program, fellows will have the requisite skill set to engage in professional policy analysis focusing on a specific field and be able to write pragmatic policy guidance for the government, NGOs, political parties and bilateral/multilateral development agencies.


For more information on Research Fellowship and how you apply, please get in touch with us through our Contact Page

Young Researchers Program 

The Young Research Fellows Program (“YFP”) develops critical thinking and evidence-based analysis by young Cambodians under the age of 30. Fellows are passionate about developing creative policy solutions based on high-quality research and analysis to address the myriad of policy challenges in modern Cambodia.
The one-year program involves three components:
1. Training on research methods and critical analysis skills;
2. Writing independent analysis on their topic(s) of interest; and
3. Individual mentoring to support their research projects and professional development
Upon completion of the program, Young Fellows will produce one substantive policy paper and retain the skills to carry out future research projects on topical issues.


Young Researchers Program Application 2020:

The applications for 2020 Young Researchers Program is opening now. The deadline is on 30 September 2019. 


Future Forum will admit up to 20 Young Researchers into the 2020 intake. The Young Research Fellows Program is open to recent university graduates and young professionals who are passionate about policy research and analysis, and wish to further develop their research and critical analysis skills through mentoring and training. Selected candidates will be provided either a full scholarship ($300 monthly stipend) or partial scholarship ($150 monthly stipend); Young Researchers will be based at Future Forum’s office in Phnom Penh. 


Eligibility criteria:

  • University graduate in Public Administration, Political Science, Public Policy, Development Studies, Education, International Relations, Law, Economics, or a similar field, and/or young professionals; candidates completing the final semester of their bachelor degree should specify their expected graduation date;

  • A strong interest in research and the ability to undertake independent study;

  • Proficiency in English (advanced writing, reading, and speaking skills);

  • Commitment to complete a one year, full-time program with Future Forum is essential;

  • A research background (e.g.,  university level research course(s) in qualitative and quantitative methods, etc.) is desirable but not required;

  • Only candidates aged from 20 – 30 years old will be considered;

  • In this year’s intake, preferential consideration will be given to candidates applying in the following three areas: future cities; international studies (with focus on the Greater Mekong Subregion); and economy/development.

For more information on the Young Researchers Program, Criteria & application procedure and our expectations for young research fellows, please download the following document: 


2020 Young Researchers Program: Criteria and Application Procedure
2020 Young Researchers - Criteria Appli[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [127.6 KB]


Young Research Fellows course control document 2017:

The course is focused on the practice of doing research, including the writing of policy papers. Emphasis will be on critical and analytical thinking. The admitted individual shall be given a real chance to absorb the education thus gaining a basic experience of doing research on an intermediate level. The course is designed around mandatory lectures, seminars and the writing of policy papers and is as such organized along three thematic lines:

1. The core of science: using theory and methodology for the purpose of analysis and critical thinking
2. Analysis and critical thinking
3. Writing analytic papers


For details of Young Research Fellows course control, please download the document below:

Young Research Fellows Course Control Document
Young Research Fellows Course Control.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [214.6 KB]


Writing a Snapshot Guideline:

Writing a Snapshot for publication with the Future Forum necessitates a thorough and academically acceptable process. This is accomplished by a well structured and theoretically informed  approach to research. This paper outlines the principles used by Future Forum staff to develop interesting, relevant and well written policy papers.  


For details of the guideline, please download the document below:

Writing a Snapshot Guideline
Future Forum_Writing a Snapshot_Guidelin[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [836.0 KB]

Affiliated Researchers

Through Community of Researchers, Future Forum is creating a network of researchers focused on public policy issues – a network through which researchers and analysts will not only conduct their own research and analysis but also engage in opportunities to network with other members of the network, work in collaboration with other members and, when requested, engage in peer review.


The following activities and opportunities will be open to members of the Future Forum Research Network:

  • Unlimited access to Future Forum’s office space and facilities;
  • Monthly members-only networking events;
  • Matching with potential clients/consultancy opportunities;
  • Access to Future Forum’s research resources and sources;
  • Peer review sessions;
  • Access to training sessions;
  • Partnership opportunities with other network members; and
  • Opportunity to mentor young talent (see more below).

Research Hub

Future Forum's Research Hub is  an open co-working space  designed for the Community of Researchers housed at Future Forum enables Future Forum’s core staff and researchers (together with the FF formed “the community of researchers”) to collaborate on developing policy ideas and recommendations. 


The Future Forum Library 

Future Forum is establishing a library in order to provide better and more accessible research materials for members of the research hub community. The planned library will be equipped with books, academic journals and other resources that could facilitate the public policy analysis.

For more information on our Community of Researchers and how you can join the network, please get in touch with us through our Contact Page. 

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