Civic Education

Through our Civic Education component, Future Forum is developing new and exciting ways to involve the Cambodian public in issues related to politics and policy in Cambodia. This will include developing videos aimed at a youth audience as well as introductory materials – e.g., civics textbooks – setting out the legal and institutional structure of Cambodian government. 

Introduction to Cambodian Politics & Government

Similar to other components of Future Forum, this civic education work looks to the future, and is aimed at buttressing the population’s ability to imagine the country they envision for themselves in the coming decades.The civics book will be drafted over summer 2018 and published in Khmer, English, and French in 2019.

Educational Videos

Future Forum is developing civic education materials aimed at a young/youth audience in the areas of Cambodian national and local politics, government and electoral processes/elections-related issues. Monitoring and identifying political, social, economic, human rights, legal and judicial trends in Cambodia. There is a severe lack of information regarding a wide range of election-related topics available to a lay audience. Future Forum seeks to fill that gap, through producing educational videos, aimed primarily at a youth or young audience, to engage them in the political process.


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