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OU Virak

Mr. NOUV Thai is currently a senior student at the Institute for International Studies and Public Policy, majoring in International Relations. He was selected into the school’s honors program, and his thesis’s topic is “the Syrian Arab Republic: An Analysis of State Fragility amidst the Civil War (2011-2023)”. In 2018, he volunteered in the Youth Empowerment Program where he was an English translator for Hong Kong youths and worked on environmental protection. In March 2022, he volunteered as an English teacher in the Local Virtual Volunteer (LVV) to teach students in rural areas. In July 2022, he was selected for the youth dialogue and conducted on a four-month research about “the students’ adaption of education during and after the Covid-19 pandemic”. In August 2022, he was selected as one of the students representing RUPP to join the Asian Students Environment Platform (ASEP) organized by Japan. In the same year, he also got a great chance to intern at the U.S. Embassy.  Recently, he is a research member of ASEAN Youth Advocates Network Cambodia (AYAN). Being in the Future Forum’s 2023 Cohort II, he is going to undertake a research around climate change and food insecurity, good governance, and inclusive education.


Young Research Fellow 2023 (Batch 2)


Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, Institute for International Studies and Public Policy


State failure and causes of war, politics and foreign affairs of ASEAN, climate change and food insecurity, good governance and inclusive education

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