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OU Virak

Sok Haingkheang is a fresh graduate from the Department of Media and Communication. He also holds a Bachelor of International Relations from the Royal University of Phnom Penh. In 2019, Haingkheang interned as a press coordinator at The Ministry of Environment, and in 2020, he continued his internship as a news reporter at Voice of Democracy. In addition, he is interested in the field of research and journalism. To graduate from DMC, Haingkheang has done qualitative research, “THE PERCEPTION OF CAMBODIA FEMALE JOURNALISTS TOWARD THEIR CAREER” Which focus on the challenges faced by female journalists in Cambodia and offered practical recommendations and solutions to the challenges that the
Cambodian female journalists are facing which obtain from Ministry of information, press association, and a lawyer. Recently, Haingkheang also has done an internship at Coconuts Bangkok as a news reporter.

Haingkheang SOK

Young Research Fellow 2023 (Batch1)


Department of Media and Communication, Media Management Department of International Studies, International Relation


Media, Agriculture , Cambodia Foreign Policy

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