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OU Virak

NHEM Dina holds a bachelor’s degree in nurse-midwifery from the Technical School for Medical Care, the University of Health Sciences. At present, she works as a nurse at the Department for Cardiology in a public hospital in Phnom Penh city. Before that, she worked as a nurse for a private organization, and her role was in palliative care. She was in charge of patients with incurable cancer. In terms of research experience, she used to be a research assistant and work side by side with the main researcher to collect interview data from research participants. She believes that participating in the Young Researcher Fellow program provided by the Future Forum will enable her to improve her research skills. Upon the completion of the program, she aims to produce a research paper in one of the following areas: healthcare service management, healthcare policy, nutrition, and epidemiology.


Young Research Fellow (2022 Batch 2)


Bachelor degree in Nurse-midwifery, University of Health Science


Health service management, Health Care Policy, Nutrition and Epidemiology

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