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Volume 3



Civil Service: Function and Structure

The final chapter of this volume is written by author MIN Seiha and examines the future development of the Cambodian civil service. Noting the projected demographic changes resulting from economic development, he sets out options for delivering service that is responsive to the demands of the people, while supporting sustainable economic growth.

About the Author

MIN Seiha

MIN Seiha is a researcher and consultant. He is a former Associate Dean of the College of Social Sciences of the University of Cambodia. His research focuses on the area of political economy of public administration reform, decentralization and deconcentration, and social policy. He graduated with Grad Dip in Public Administration from the Royal School of Administration, B.A in Law from the Royal University of Law and Economics, Cambodia and earned a dual M.A in Public Administration/M.A in Management from the University of Canberra, Australia.

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