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Volume 2



Cashless Cambodia

Author YOU Sokunpanha discusses the kingdom’s financial future as a Cashless Cambodia, describing how business and consumer will come to transact without the need for physical handover. “This situation may sound like a fairy tale,” notes the author, but in growing towards middle-income status set within an increasingly digitized market space Cambodia is certain to further deepen its growing utilization of cashless exchange. Universal bank account ownership is touted as the predominant means of securing this reality, itself contingent on Cambodia ensuring nationwide metrics of personal identification. Rooted in the kingdom’s experience with mobile phone adoption the possibility of the digital transaction transformation is laid out.

About the Author

YOU Sokunpanha

YOU Sokunpanha is an employee of an international organization with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Singapore Management University and Master of Public Policy, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. His research interests include economic development, trade and regional integration, financial sector development, foreign aid and investment.

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