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In its pursuit of upper middle-income status Cambodia cannot afford to ignore the rapid, global economic transition triggered by the emergence of new technologies in communication, production, and energy. In chapter four, PHU Leewood provides a compelling discussion of the opportunities available to the kingdom for its future industrialization, set within this transition. Topics covered include opportunities for improving the productive means of agriculture, the role of new communications in delivering a more efficient labor matching market, and how industry 4.0 provides new vehicles of energy for enhanced production. Both economic and social implications are examined and make for necessary reading in the kingdom.

About the Author

H.E. Dr. PHU Leewood

H.E. Dr. PHU Leewood is GCIO and Advisor to the Royal Government of Cambodia. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington and Honorary Doctorate degree in Engineering from Woosuk University, Republic of Korea. His research interests include software engineering, e-government policy, and development and project management.

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